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Children at Nudist Resorts

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions and answers by swinger who have children and wishes to take them on vacation to nudist/clothes optional resorts:

  Are nudist resorts safe for children?
Can children wear clothes at nudist resorts?
Will my children see anything unsuitable?
Will the children get bore at nudist resorts?

Q. Are nudist resorts safe for children?

A. Children are 100% safe at nudist resort.  
This is because family oriented resorts and clubs usually have security measures in place such as photo ID and membership in a national association to protect their guest's children as well as their own. This does not mean that you don’t have to look after your kids.

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Q. Can children wear clothes at nudist resorts?

A. Children are not required to be nude because these resorts are clothes optional resorts. Even thought that is the case most resorts will make allowances for children in their developing years.

  If you are worry that your children might be shock to see naked men and women wandering around then this greatly depends on how and what environment the child’s has been raised in. Usually they would adapt and become
comfortable very quickly, especially among young children. If your child has never to been exposed to nudity, then it is suggested that you talk to them in advance to let them know what they are going to expect.

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Q. Will my children see anything unsuitable?

A. Your children will definitely see anything unsuitable. All family oriented nudist resorts always have rules that strictly enforced against any unsuitable public behaviors. This includes  
any kind of sexual activities and intoxication. Any person who violates these rules will be removed from the resort immediately.

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Q. Will the children get bore at nudist resorts?

  A. At clothes optional resorts your kids will never to be alone. There will always be other families with their children there to play with.
But it is suggested that you do some research and contact the resort before booking. Make sure that your resort is frequently visited by families with children. This is because some resorts with “family” rules actually have few children in attendance.

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